Automatic Car Driving and Manual Car Driving

Automatic Car Driving and Manual Car Driving

There are two major types of cars in terms of transmission controls, the first one has automatic controls or gears, and the second one has manual controls or gears. These two cars have different driving systems that are basically the same but slightly different in terms of operating a car. Drivers who only know automatic cars, will not be able to drive the manual car properly and 방문운전연수 vice versa. The reason behind this is the basic difference is in the handling of gears. That is why you should learn to operate both of the vehicles so that you can drive any of them.

Here is how to drive an automatic car

The basic operation of an automatic car such as steering control, brake control, speed/accelerator, the clutch is all the same. Automatic cars also have a gear box installed near the driver’s seat position but the car is able to shift gear according to the speed when it is on the road. You can also switch the gears from driving mode to reverse mode, neutral mode using the gear control.

Due to this easy controlling and changing of the gears in the automatic cars, these are comparatively easy for the new drivers to learn. Apart from the basic operation that is similar, you just only need to practice the gear change in an automatic car a few times. It has a clear marking that dictates different modes, such as driving mode, neutral mode, parking mode, reverse mode.

Here is how to drive a manual car

To properly drive a manual car, you need more practice as compared to an automatic car. This is because a manual car requires gear change. And the gears in the manual car are changed using the specific motions of the gear handle. There are markings or signs on the gear handle that let you know where to move the gear handle to switch to the next or previous gear. You may need to practice this again and again till you feel properly comfortable with the gear.

Apart from the gear, the rest of the car handling is similar, there is no change in anything. You just have to push the clutch lever all the time whenever you are changing the gear. After the gear change, you can increase or decrease the speed of the car according to gear.


Based on the discussion above, we can say that driving an automatic car is comparatively easier for the new drivers. This is because they will not have to struggle with the gears again and again. Drivers must practice driving both of these vehicles so that they can drive any of these cars. Driving an Electric Car 

Apart from this gear and transmission, all other controls of the automatic cars match the manual cars.

So handling will not be difficult for a driver who knows driving any of these.

It just will take a few days of extra practice to have a complete grip on both of these types of cars.