How to drive: A driving guide for beginners

How to drive: A driving guide for beginners

Before taking off and moving your car on the road, it is pertinent to know your automobile. The essential tools that help you in driving: clutch, accelerator, etc, the understanding of these is crucial. You can look at our other article: Before you drive: A driving guide for beginners.


In this article, I will teach you the steps on How to Drive. As a beginner, driving seems hectic and anxiety-filled, but once you get the hang of it and develop muscle memory, it gets easy.


A tip for driving as beginners:

Put your air conditioner on a blast, especially if you are learning to drive in summer and have leather car seats. During driving, it gets hot, and we don’t want sweat all over our backs.


Okay, let’s get started now! : 방문운전연수-기가드라이브


Steps of Driving as a beginner:

Here, I will guide you step by step so if you follow the instructions, you will drive in no time.


Put your key in:

To start your car, put your keys in the hole and spin it clockwise. That is present on the right side of the steering wheel. Some cars nowadays have buttons for starting the vehicle. It is safe to press the clutch all the way to the floorboard before rotating the keys. (No gears placed)


Control your clutch:

Now is the time of action. Take the matters in your feet and press on the clutch. You press it hard until you can no longer push it. 도로연수


Warning: Be positive that your car is not in gear now (Check the gear shift and see if it is loose. If you can’t comfortably push it left and right, your vehicle is most probably in a gear). Before doing anything with your automobile, make sure that the gear is neutral.


Once you have an absolute grip on your clutch, shift your gear. You should put your automobile in gear one (this is for the manual cars). If you don’t know how to shift gears, then look at this article: How to shift gears with stick shift: A driving guide for beginners.


Once you have your gear shifted, you need to pull at your hand brake. Now you are ready to take off. This step is crucial because this determines whether your car moves or just rumbles and stops.


Slowly, take your left foot off the clutch, while your right foot is on the brake, your hands on the steering wheel, and your eyes on the road.


Warning: Make sure you are learning to drive on an empty road.


While taking your foot off slowly, the clutch will reach a point where you can feel the car coming to life. Take this slow approach, and at a certain point, your automobile will start ambling.


If you take off your foot from the clutch rapidly, your car will jerk, and the automobile would shut down. You would have to start all over again. However, it is common for a beginner’s car to shut down multiple times during the start.


Gear shifting:

Now that the car is moving on the road, it is time to change the gear. You should now shift it to gear two. Before shifting gears, you must press the clutch till it reaches the floorboard. Release it at a moderate speed after shifting gears.


Increasing speed:

After changing gears, you can increase the speed. To increase speed, put your right foot lightly on the accelerator. Make sure that you don’t put too much force on it.


How to apply brakes:

Now you want to stop your car after a ten-minute driving session. To apply the brake, push your clutch backward again, all the way through. Now you have to put your right foot on the brake and slowly put force on it. You do that until the car stops. The amount of strength you have to apply to the brake depends on the vehicle you have.


Disassemble everything:

After applying brakes, you need to shift your gear back to neutral and pull your handbrake, so your car doesn’t move even an inch.


So, this was my guide on How to Drive. This is all that I learned during my driving sessions, so I hope this all helps!