Meal Kit Brands

Whether you’re looking for a new way to eat or just want to save some time, a meal kit can make dinnertime simpler. These services deliver weekly boxes with fresh, premeasured ingredients and recipe inspiration.


Many of these services have specific diet offerings, including options for keto, paleo, and Weight Watchers. They also offer recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the most popular meal kit brands and is known for its variety and ingredient creativity. Its recipes are designed by chefs and tested by their thousands of customers to ensure that they are easy to prepare and tasty.

Blue Apron’s meals are made with high-quality ingredients that are sourced from farms and distributors that comply with the company’s animal welfare policies, including antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats and seafood. The company also uses a sustainable packaging system and encourages customers to reuse their boxes and ice packs.

It also ships its ingredients in insulated liners and coolers to help keep them fresh. However, it is important to note that these products can lose their quality and flavor if they are not stored properly.

As a result, it is recommended that customers store their Blue Apron items in the refrigerator until they are ready to cook. They should also check their upcoming orders on the website or app to see if they have any updates.

To cancel or skip a delivery, customers need to log in to their account and navigate to the Upcoming Orders page. They can also click “Manage Delivery” to change the date of their next delivery or pause their subscription.

While there is some competition in the meal kit industry, Blue Apron is the largest meal kit brand and has a variety of options for people to choose from. The company offers two, three, and four-meal plans, as well as a vegetarian option. The meal kits come with large recipe cards that provide instructions and step-by-step directions for each dish. The recipes can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes to cook, depending on the cooking method.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a meal kit brand that’s been around for more than a decade. The company has been successful at attracting customers with its focus on healthy ingredients and easy-to-prepare recipes.

The service offers meals that are tailored to different dietary preferences, including vegetarian and pescatarian options as well as gluten-free and low-calorie choices. The menu also features dietician-approved meals that are labeled with their calorie and carb content, making it easy to find something that fits your needs.

Meal kits are a popular way to save time and money by eliminating the need for grocery shopping. They also are a great way to eat healthy and learn new cooking techniques.

Founded in Germany, Hello Fresh has found success in the United States. The company offers meal plans for couples, families, and pescatarians, as well as customization options that allow you to skip or modify your deliveries.

Each week, you’ll receive a box of pre-portioned and ready-to-cook foods that are delivered to your door. Each kit comes with a recipe card with ingredients listed, as well as cooking instructions for each dish.

The food is made using natural ingredients, including whole grains and local produce. It’s a healthier choice than processed foods that can be higher in fat and sugar, according to research.

Although the service is a great choice for many people, it’s not ideal for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies. It’s also not the best choice if you have a busy lifestyle, as you may need to be flexible with your delivery days.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a meal kit brand that caters to a range of diets. It offers meals that are low in fat, calories and sodium, as well as plant-based and gluten-free options.

Its boxes are insulated and refrigerated to keep ingredients fresh until they arrive at your doorstep. They are made of at least 40% recycled materials and contain recyclable plastic packaging, paper bags, and insulation.

The meal kits are ready to cook within 30 minutes, and the recipes are easy to follow. They are designed to fit a variety of dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, and paleo.

They are a good choice for people who want to avoid processed foods, and they are also a great option for people with food allergies. The company’s recipe cards list allergen information, such as whether the ingredients are derived from milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts or wheat.

While their menus are focused primarily on dinners, they also offer lunches and breakfasts. This makes them a good option for busy people who need healthy, convenient food that is easy to prepare.

Green Chef meals are prepared with organic, non-GMO ingredients and contain plenty of vegetables and healthy proteins. The company’s recipes are low in saturated fat and sodium, and they contain no trans fats.

Its recipe cards contain allergen information, such as whether the ingredients can be derived from dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, or soy. They are also certified organic and hold a California Certified Organic Farmers accreditation.

Green Chef is a convenient and easy way to make healthy meals at home, and their recipes are delicious. They are also a great choice for people who want to eat healthier and reduce their impact on the environment.

Revive Superfoods

Revive Superfoods offers a variety of frozen smoothies, soups, and bowls delivered straight to your doorstep. This Canadian company aims to provide healthy meals to health-conscious people. Its products are crafted by nutritionists, and each menu item is made from ingredients that are nutrient-rich and organic.

The meals are easy to prepare, and they can be stored in the freezer. They are also low-calorie, which is great for weight loss.

Customers can choose between a weekly and monthly subscription plan, and they can change the frequency of their deliveries at any time. There is also a referral program, which allows customers to earn points for sharing the brand with friends.

Aside from offering a convenient way to get healthy meals, Revive Superfoods can help a person try new recipes and food combinations that may not be available at home. It also can help someone ease into a plant-based diet.

Another benefit of using this meal kit brand is that it can save a lot of time and money. Many people don’t have the time to shop for healthy foods at their grocery store, and this can make it difficult to eat nutritiously.

This meal kit brand uses pre-portioned and freeze-dried smoothies, soups, and oat bowls. The company also sells a variety of frozen desserts, including dairy-free ice cream.

For example, one of Revive Superfoods’ best-selling smoothies is the Mango & Papaya. It features banana, avocado, pea protein, and coffee.

The company also sells a number of other menu items, such as soups, oat bowls, and nut and seed bites. Its oat bowls are particularly popular with postpartum women. They contain hearty, filling ingredients such as oats, hemp seeds, and maca powder.


The meal kit industry is a competitive one, with many companies vying for market share. Some have made big waves with partnership deals with grocers, while others have struggled to maintain strong growth rates, according to research from Second Measure.

In recent months, Chef’d struck a number of innovative partnerships, including a deal with Smithfield Foods that has the company’s meal kits available in several major grocery stores across the country. The partnership is an example of how meal kit providers can find new ways to grow their business by reaching consumers in places they wouldn’t have otherwise found them, according to the Journal.

However, it’s also clear that Chef’d was burning through cash rapidly, leading the company to close its doors earlier this month, citing an “insufficient amount of liquidity.” The company had been in talks with investors, but no one was interested in buying the company, according to the Journal.

To make matters worse, the company’s customer acquisition costs were astronomical. That’s despite the fact that it partnered with CPG brands and celebrity chefs, and even rolled out meal plans for people with eating disorders.

While Chef’d was a lone fish in the ocean of meal kit providers, it had a unique catalog of recipes that came from real chefs. The brand specialized in offering meals that are quick, easy, and nutritious.

The company has a strong focus on plant-based meals, which is important for a healthy diet. Its ingredients are organic and free of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Plus, it uses high-pressure processing to extend freshness and kill bacteria and viruses. These factors helped it compete against the likes of Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, and it could continue to do so as other meal kit companies evolve with their market.