way to maintain one’s car battery life

way to maintain one’s car battery life


Education about cars or vehicles is very important especially if you own one. Some parts of cars such as the car battery are important and they need maintenance regularly. Education about cars allows the user to keep himself aware of how often his vehicle needs maintenance. 도로연수가격 The car battery is the site where the energy required for starting and running the car is stored. None of us want a dead automobile battery so for ensuring the proper functioning of your car battery you need to take some care of it. Make sure to clean it regularly, maintain the fluid levels, and insulate it from cold. Taking good care of your vehicle battery will allow it to function for at least 6 to 7 years. A few other maintenance tips include the following

Replace every four years

Experts say that the car battery must be replaced after every four years. This would help your vehicle to function properly and last long. The most irritating thing is to losing power in the middle of the journey, so instead of extending the life of your vehicle battery you should replace it

Check the acid level of the vehicle battery

It is important to check the acid level of your battery every six months. Always keep a check on acid stratification which often happens when the car battery is running at a charge below 80%, it also happens when the battery never gets a full charge or has shallow discharges. If your vehicle is running on a stratified battery, the electrolytes will probably accumulate at the bottom, leaving the top portion starving. 운전연수가격


Take care while adding water to a car battery

If you observe that the level of electrolyte is not sufficient then the plates will be exposed and in this case, we need to top them up with distilled water. While filling, you need to be careful and only fill cells to cover the plates. The best thing you can use for this purple is a funnel or sports bottle. Because in this case, you will be able to control the floor.  Once you observe that the water levels are sufficient then use a battery and charger to recharge the car battery


Perform car battery load test

If you want to ensure that your car battery is functioning properly even in freezing temperatures then it’s necessary to conduct a battery load test. You cannot do it by yourself so you need to take your vehicle to the mechanic

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Clean the car battery

If dirt and debris gain entry into the cells of the battery then it’s bad news for you. All these things can lead to corrosion of the nearby metal and this is the reason that you should regularly clean the top area and area around the terminals of a vehicle battery.  If you want to clean your automobile battery then it is often recommended to use ammonia-based window cleaners. If they are not available then you can use a combination of baking soda and water. And this is a useful combination for cleaning the corrosion. Always keep in mind that when cleaning the car battery don’t allow any kind of fuel to go inside the battery ports. Make sure that there are no residues of baking soda left on the battery