Safe driving: 10 keys that will save your life

Safe driving: 10 keys that will save your life

When you drive a car, it is essential to comply with a series of rules related to safe driving. In order to protect your integrity, you should familiarize yourself with some good principles for safe and responsible driving. In this article, we explain to you 10 keys that you should apply when driving that could save your life. 개인운전연수

Concentrate on the steering wheel

Keep your attention at all times, both on what is happening on the road and on your movements. Take all the necessary precautions to avoid distractions that put your life and the lives of others at risk. 자차운전연수

Leave your cell phone aside and put all your attention on keeping control of your car. Remember that your integrity and that of others depend on compliance with the rules of safe driving.

Apply the principles of defensive driving

Put the principles of defensive driving into practice and anticipate any problems. However, what is defensive driving all about? It consists of understanding the way other drivers think in order to avoid a myriad of risks and accidents.

For example, you can anticipate a risky situation when you observe an argument between the occupants of the car in front of you. Another example of safe and defensive driving is to avoid getting too close to other cars.

When faced with these scenarios, you should think ahead to warn or react skillfully in emergencies.

Respect is the key to safe driving

Remember that your car is not the only one on the road, there are motorists, pedestrians, and other vehicles. They all have the same rights and duties, so education and respect must prevail. It is also advisable to avoid offensive and aggressive behavior on public roads.

The best advice for safe driving: do not drink alcohol

Alcohol or any illicit substance is the worst travel companion you can have. It may seem obvious, but drinking while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in the world. When you consume alcohol, your chances of an accident increase. Avoid it!

On long trips, take breaks to rest

This recommendation is important for safe driving. It will also help you avoid sudden drowsiness. When we are tired, it is a matter of seconds before we go from being awake to being asleep. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, stop the car and rest. Don’t procrastinate.

Keep a safe distance while driving

The distance between your car and others is a safety limit that you should not ignore. This allows you to gain time in the event of an unforeseen situation. However, how do you know if you are keeping the right distance? The three-second rule will help you find out.

When the car in front of you passes a stationary object, count slowly “one thousand, two thousand, three thousand”. If you reach the object right at the end of the count, you are not keeping the proper distance.

Constantly check the condition of your car

At the beginning and end of the trip, make sure your car is in optimal conditions for driving. Keep an eye on the oil level, braking system, lights and everything necessary to keep the car moving. If you travel a considerable distance, do not forget to carry spare parts, accessories, and an extra tire.

Always carry valid documentation

For safe driving and to travel on any public road you must carry all your documents in force. Your driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, and any other specific documentation, always carry with you.

Forget the “autopilot” mode

No matter if you know the way to work or back home by heart, avoid driving in automatic mode. Sometimes when driving on a long or familiar road we tend to drive “without thinking” or paying attention to the road.

Driving in “autopilot” mode is a latent risk since it increases the probability of an accident occurring. When driving, take deep breaths to regain your concentration and increase your responsiveness.

Safe driving list driving car on the road

Plan your route

Did you know that distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents? To avoid it, program your car’s navigator before starting your trip. This simple action will prevent you from losing your concentration. Remember that prevention is the best way to drive safely. Have a good trip!